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The Intermediate Guide to best baseball pitching machine

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I love pitching machines. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself in the car with a bunch of pitchers and a few games later, my wife and I are at the ballpark. We’ll have a beer and a couple of pitchers, then we’ll head home.

In a nutshell, the A-Rod machine is a baseball-throwing machine that allows a pitcher to throw any batting pitch, in any position, for any pitch count. It can do that because it uses a special laser light that can be programmed to automatically adjust to any pitch given off by a batter. It can go to any pitch count given off by any batter because a very small and inexpensive device is required to keep track of the batter’s pitches.

The A-Rod machine is called the “Skeleton” because it combines the best baseball-throwing abilities of the modern world with the best aerodynamics of the old world, so the skeleton is the only real thing you can think of. The skeleton is designed to be a good all-around machine for anyone putting the weight of a baseball on the ground and running it on the field.



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